Friday, August 31, 2012

Seeing Things That Just Aren't There

So I talked to my dad for a while this afternoon. He sounded really good. Here's what he said about mother. Mother has now been on Depicote for a few weeks. She's up to twice per day. Daddy said she's calmer but she told him she's seeing things that she knows aren't there. She is sleeping good but doesn't go to bed till late and then sleeps till noon. She still seems to get obsessed about things. She thinks Lauren is there. She also goes to the guesthouse to tell granny about family. I'm just so sad to be losing my mother to FTD. It is horrible.

James and I went walking last might at one of the middle schools in Georgetown last night. It brought back memories of better days with my mom. She could focus on exercise, carry on conversations and show a little empathy. She's pretty much lost everything. She had complex thought processes and could reason.

Wow...what a difference a few years makes.

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