Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

So playing Scrabble with my mom isn't the same as it used to be. Now I'm playing with my mom and FTD. I have to keep score now...she used to do that. I have to help her find words sometimes or remind her to play on a double or triple to get more points but that is least we can still play.

I decided to get her a new art set for Mother's Day. I figured if she sparks the creative juices in her brain at least a few times a week that would be a great start.

It takes a lot to get her motivated and keep her motivated, but she is so afraid of "losing" herself that I think she is willing to try anything and so am I.

I love my mom so much and am so grateful to still have her in my life

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FTD Revelations

So another FTD support group meeting has come and gone.  I learned two very important things.

1.  If your loved one seems to take a sudden turn for the worse, it is most likely due to another illness.  Once that illness is treated, your loved one should return to their normal FTD state.

2.  Even though someone with FTD doesn't show empathy and love in the same way they used to, it doesn't mean they don't benefit from signs of affection...a hug or kiss or "I love you."  Just because they may not be able to outwardly initiate those signs doesn't mean they don't experience the feelings and love the affection.

I also wanted to share a number of links to articles and videos that I've come across recently.  It is really great that these journalists are writing about FTD.  It is getting the word out about this terminal disease.

Forbes article: Inside The Mind Of Frontotemporal Degeneration: A Patient's Story - By: Alice G. Walton
(Featuring Howard Glick)

NY Times article: When illness makes a spouse a stranger - By: Denise Grady

Forbes article: The Other Side of Frontotemporal Degeneration: Inside A Deteriorating Brain - By: Alice G. Walton
(This is kind of a follow up to the NY Times article