Saturday, April 6, 2013

More of the same...

So I went to Hallettsville to work a party on Thursday. I stayed with my parents. My mom has been calm the last few times I've seen her. Little things that seem to be getting worse...pocketing food in her cheek as she eats. She eats really fast and her chewing and swallowing can't keep up. Another thing is her messing in her pants. She was on a med for a little while that caused this problem, and she got better when the doc switched that med, but she's doing it again. Daddy is a little more prepared this time around. Even gives her Imodium before a road trip. I'm more sad for my dad that he has to deal with that aspect. One thing that has been helpful for him is an online support group called Dementia, The Journey Ahead. It's on Facebook and gives info in little spurts so it doesn't get too overwhelming. Of course our monthly support group can't be beat.

Usually on my visits, the mornings are the most difficult with mother. She seems a little more scattered than normal, but as the day progresses she seems to calm down.

I'm really glad I still have both my parents and it would be great if they aged according to the plan I had, but it hasn't.

I guess the saying, "It is what it is," is an appropriate slogan for FTD.